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BeitragThema: _×£øvë~KâY   So März 15, 2009 11:58 pm

Your Charackter in Audition:_×£øvë~KâY

Nickname: kay- Marco


Charakter: Male [ x] Female[ ] (fill out with a cross -> [x])

former Nicknames: Kaymarco , -InLove-Kay , --Babo-Kay

ur CPL: i'm alone XDDD haha joke my >>>_×£øvë~SmâsH <<<

How long do you play Audition? idk ...maybe 1 years'??.? idk ^^

Why u decide to play Audition? friends call me to play audition XD

Your favorite Song in Auditon: mm i havent a favorite i can say i prefer the fast sonf^^

Your favorite Mode to play in Audition: cc4 - cpl


(You can also post a Picture, like a Screenshot from ur Charackter!)

About You:


Age and time of your birth: i'm 16 i was born in 15 may

Nation:chinese but i live in italy

Where do you come from? chine but i live in italy

Likes Girls! XD

Dislikes idk ^^

Ur in a realationship? no not now i have just broken 1 week ago

What else do you play ecxapt Audition? S4

School, work - what do you do in ur sparetime?my hobby? mm stay at computer and talk with my friends in msn ,netlog , play audition or S4 and stay with my cpl my best friends <3 rebecca<3

Favourite drink and food:pizza!!!! and italian food!!! ( i think is the best XD)

Your favourite colour: mm grey and blu ^^

Favourite Animal / Your Pets: cat

Motto on life?mm "non l'hai messo dentro finche non l'hai messo dentro" (i dont translateXD )

Wich 3 things do u pick up when u go on a lonesome Island?
2-My hun!!!! XD smash<3
3-idk XD


(Would be great if u post a Picture of YOU in Real Life! )
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BeitragThema: Re: _×£øvë~KâY   So März 29, 2009 4:52 pm

Yaii thats MY hun <333
Gaah °O° I'm so happy and glad about I found u in Audition <3
best cpl ever *hihi*

ur Photo *__* how cute Embarassed
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